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Registration update

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U7, U9, U15, and U18 are now FULL.

U7 Start of Season Information

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Welcome to Initiation Hockey !!

The season is starting Wednesday Sept 27 at 3:30pm at the Winfield arena. Practices are once a week Wednesdays from 3:30-4:30pm. There will be additional icetimes throughout the year on the weekends. Those are scheduled once the older divisions have their game schedules.

Please use the North entrance of the building, on the side where the Boys & Girls club is. There will be a white board directly in front as you walk in that will tell you which dressing room to use. Have your player dressed and ready to go on the ice right at 3:30. Once your player is dressed, please wait in the dressing rooms until one of the Coaching staff comes in to lead the kids out onto the ice, this will save hallway chaos !

Practices are one hour, you can watch from the stands or the hallway outside the dressing rooms. Please meet your child in the hallway after to help them undress. The concession isn’t open on Wednesdays so you will need to bring your own hot beverage!

For those who are new to hockey, give yourself a good half an hour to help your player, don’t worry there will be lots of experienced parents around to help you if there are any questions about their gear.

What they need for gear from the top down :

-helmet with cage….please put a piece of masking tape on the front with your players name on it, this helps the coaches tremendously !!
-neck guard
-shoulder pads
-elbow pads
-hockey gloves
-athletic supporter (jock or jill, whatever’s applicable)
-hockey pants
-shin pads
-hockey socks and sock tape if they need it
-skates, make sure they are sharpened…if you are buying skates out of the box, they do not necessarily come sharpened !!
-practice jersey, they will be receiving jerseys but they will need to wear one of their own for the first couple of weeks.

Last but not least, a stick and a labelled water bottle (the kind with the spout are best for the little ones).

All U7 players will practice together. After the first few weeks the Coaches and Junior Director will form two even teams and players will receive their team jerseys. This will ensure teams are fair and they will be able to have lots of fun games against each other throughout the year. After Christmas they will progress to playing teams from other associations. U7 hockey is “cross-ice” hockey, meaning their will be two small games going on at once. This gives all players more chances to touch the puck, improve their skill development and have fun.

If you are interested in becoming a Team Manager or On-ice Helper, please email me and i will let you know what we will need from you.

They will have tons of fun, make great friends and learn to play an amazing game……welcome to hockey !!

Enjoy your summer, September will be here before we know it !!


Pre-season camp will once again be offered to registered Winfield Minor Hockey players.

Please see attached document for registration. I have also attached a credit card form for those wishing to pay by card or e-transfer (fill in email address and sign form)

Completed forms and payment can be dropped off at the Minor Hockey office at the arena or scanned and emailed to


U11 (Ages 9-10) $100.00 Monday thru Thursday 4:00pm-5:00pm

U13 (AGES 11-12) $100.00 Monday thru Thursday 5:15pm-6:15pm

U15 (AGES 13-14) $100.00 Monday thru Thursday 6:30pm-7:30pm

U18 (AGES 15-17) $100.00 Monday thru Thursday 7:45pm-8:45pm



OMAHA U15 TIER 1 (AA), U18 TIER 1 (AA), U13 TIER 1 (A) Regional Concept Teams, U15 FEMALE A & U18 FEMALE A TEAMS
U15 Tier 1 (AA) & U18 Tier 1 (AA)
1. Players must complete and forward to OMAHA Central Office a Permission to Tryout form.
2. Players who did not play within OMAHA last season, must have their former OMAHA Association complete the “Permission to Tryout” form.
3. If players are from another District or Province, a transfer to their new Residential Home Association within OMAHA must be initiated and approved prior to any participation.
U13 Tier 1 (A) Regional Concept Teams, U15 Female A & U18 Female A
1. If a player is a member of the Host Association, they must be registered prior to any tryouts.
2. If a player is a member of an Association within the Host Association draw area, they must complete the Permission to Tryout form and forward to the Host Association accompanied with tryout fees.
3. If a player was a member of a Non-Sanctioned team or was not registered with a Hockey Canada team last season, they must register with their OMAHA Residential Association and then complete the Permission to Tryout Form.
4. Players who participated with an Association in another District or Province, a transfer to their new Residential Home Association within OMAHA must be initiated and approved prior to any participation.
5. FOR U13 TIER 1 (A) ONLY: Permission has been given to use the “transfer reason” of Share for the Year – Specialty Program.
6. FOR U15 FEMALE” A & U18 FEMALE A – The "transfer reason” will be Residential Waiver with a note indicating it is for Female A.
7. In both cases (#5 & #6), the Permission to Tryout form is to be uploaded to the transfer request.
In all of the above cases, should a player NOT be selected for any of the above teams, they MUST return to their residential Home Association. Should their Residential Home Association NOT HAVE Tier 2, Tier 3, Tier 4 or Female Recreational team, they may make application to transfer to an adjacent Association. (Refer to BC Hockey Policy 9.06 for adjacent Associations

All forms can be found under the documents tab at . You will need to scroll down through quite a few forms to get there.

New Member Registration opens June 1st

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The office will be open Thursday June 1st from 6:00am-9:30am and 12:00pm-4:00pm to accept registrations for new members. Please make sure you have all of the required documents including a copy of your child’s birth certificate as well as proof of residency in Lake Country. Registration forms are available under the “Forms” tab.