Guest Team Application Form

Thank you for your interest in our tournaments.  All confirmation of team entry and payment will be emailed.

Please complete & return the form, along with Hockey Canada Roster and payment information.  Please mail Forms and Payment information to: Tournament Registration - Box 41010 RPO South, Lake Country BC V4V 1Z7  or you can send by fax to 1-888-706-9382.

 This application does not constitute an acceptance into the tournament.  Please note that Winfield MHA now accepts CreditCard payment (Visa or MasterCard) for your Registration Fee.  Credit Card payment will not be processed until your team has been accepted into the tournament.  *At no time does Winfield MHA store your creditcard number. Teams that cancel within two weeks of the tournament date may be subject to forfeiture of their entry fee or a penalty if another team cannot be found as a replacement.

Tournament Team Registration Form