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Important Info from BC Hockey- PLEASE READ

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Please take a moment to review the 2018-19 Minimum Suspension Guidelines attached.

Registration is now open for new members and for players transferring in from other associations. Forms can be printed out (under the Forms tab) and brought into the office or dropped into the mail slot.

Please note we will need a copy of your child’s birth certificate as well as proof of residency within the Winfield Minor Hockey boundaries. We will accept a property tax notice, lease agreement plus a copy of parents drivers licenses with new address indicated.

If the child’s parents are separated, please note that Hockey Canada rules stipulate that a player must play within the boundaries of their parents principle residence. Hockey Canada considers the home where the player resides four days a week to be the principle residence.

If transferring in from another association your registration must also include a district “Move With parent” form available under the document tab at

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Zone Program Information

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On behalf of OMAHA, we would like to introduce Rob Evers as the BC Hockey Zone Program Lead for Operations and Development in our District.
He will be responsible for the MML, MML Minor and Zone AA Midget and Bantam programs.
All questions regarding these programs can be directed to Rob at or 778-839-6677.
He is excited to to take on this new role and looks forward to working with everyone, please see the message below from him.

Major Midget AAA, Minor Midget AAA, Midget AA:
-tryouts for the following teams will all be held in together – Rockets April 27-29 (Goalies April 26 ) at RLP – Blazers May 4-6 at Shaw Centre
-commitments for up a minimum of 11 players will be given out a the camp for each team
-players can be invited to the next stage of the MML, Minor, or AA process or be released from the zone process
-the process will resume in August for each stream separately with their staff to continue commitments and completion of rosters – times TBD as per ice availability
-there is no separate Midget AA tryout for spring…..if players wish to not attend they can join in August and compete for whatever roster spots remain, they will still pay the one time $299 tryout fee so might as well take part in both.
-I will be working with the staff from all three teams and evaluators being brought in from the BCHL and WHL to help with the selection process

The additional midget camps that were on the web have been removed. I have kept the ice and am looking at running a Midget AA skills development camp for all 4 zones

Bantam AA Zone
Again a Minimum of 11 commitments will be given at spring tryout
process will resume in August
I will be working with the staff from all three teams and evaluators being brought in from the BCHL and WHL to help with the selection process

Please use the following links for information on the BC Hockey Zone Program

Please click on the link below to watch the Zone Program Parent Presentation Video sent out from BC Hockey.

BC Hockey is at the forefront of age appropriate programming for Initiation (5-6) and Novice (7-8) age levels hockey as Hockey Canada announces changes across the country for cross ice hockey to become mandatory at the Initiation level.

BC Hockey has had cross ice hockey in place for not only Initiation, but also Novice, since the start of the 2016-17 season. Cross ice hockey focuses on player development and more enjoyment for the children participating in those age groups.

“You would never put a five or six-year-old child on a full-size soccer pitch, or expect them to play on a baseball field without any adjustments made for their size. Hockey is no different,” said Paul Carson, vice-president of membership development for Hockey Canada. “The program was developed to allow kids to have fun, learn skills, and develop confidence,” said Carson. “Re-sizing the playing surface to cross-ice means more puck-touches, which result in more chances to practice puck-control and shooting, as well as overall more movement and motor skill-development – twisting, turning, balance, coordination, agility. Their field-of-play matches their size, and these players hone in on their skill-development in a way that larger ice surfaces just aren’t conducive to.”

The differences in skill-development opportunities with cross-ice hockey is significant: players receive five times more passes and take six times more shots. They’re called on to have to make more decisions more quickly, and are overall more engaged in the game.

Special boards and bumpers have been developed that allow for quick and easy division of a regular-sized rink into three cross-ice rinks, with options to create different small-area configurations. Not only does re-sizing the playing surface allow for players to develop their hockey skills more effectively, it also allows communities to maximize their ice time by safely putting more teams and games on the ice at one time.


“We have received a tremendous amount of positive feedback from our associations that have committed to the program,” says BC Hockey coaching coordinator Aaron Hoffman. “We see the kids having more fun and getting better skill development with the higher amount of time they get to touch the puck. Cross ice hockey is only set up for games with practice plans specifically designed to skill development and player enjoyment.”

BC Hockey has also implemented a thorough, detailed Atom Transition Plan designated for coaches and players to prepare kids moving from Novice to Atom and transitioning from cross ice to full ice hockey.


For more information about BC Hockey, please visit the BC Hockey website at or email or follow along through social media at,, or


For further information please contact:

Keegan Goodrich

Manager, Communications

BC Hockey


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