AGM May 4th 2022 7:00pm in the Curling Lounge (upstairs)

Posted by WMHA Admin. on Apr 20 2022 at 03:42PM PDT

Our Annual General Meeting will be held Wednesday May 4th at 7:00pm in the Winfield Curling Club Lounge (located upstairs at the south end of the building, parking is available on that side of the rink)

We have five Executive positions up for election, please see the positions and descriptions below. If you would like to be nominated for one of these positions, please contact one of our Board members to let them know. Their emails are on the website under the “About & Admin” tab/Executive.

1.1.1 The President:
• Shall preside over EC meetings
• Shall ensure an agenda is prepared for each meeting, with reasonable opportunity given to each and every EC member and/or concerned member to speak to an issue
• Shall ensure minutes are recorded at each meeting
• Shall ensure the confidentiality of personnel matters by undertaking discussion of such matters only with EC members in camera
• Shall fully inform members of the Executive in a timely manner of all activities brought to the President’s attention, and that the EC be asked to make all decisions (except in discipline situations as outlined next here) regarding the effective and orderly management of WDMHA
• Shall have the power to suspend summarily any team, manager, coach or player; such suspension shall be effective until such time as the Discipline Committee has had an opportunity to review and recommend further action.
• Shall ensure the mannerly and cooperative conduct of all WDMHA representatives at each meeting
• Shall work to ensure all positions of the Executive are filled, either by election/acclamation at the Annual General Meeting or by appointment of EC
• Shall be a signing officer of the Association
• Shall exercise general supervision of all activities of the Association
• Shall serve as the Association’s representative to the BCAHA and OMAHA, or shall delegate such representation to another member of the EC
• Shall oversee the operations of the Ice Ambassador
• Shall oversee the operations of the Divisional Directors
• Shall oversee the operations of the Volunteer Director

1.1.4 The 2nd Vice President:

• Shall in the absence of the President and the 1st Vice-President, act with full power of the president
• In the event that the Past President is not active, the 2nd Vice will oversee the operations of the Discipline Committee.
• Shall oversee the operations of the Equipment Manager/s
• Shall oversee the operations of fundraising efforts, with the Treasurer
• Shall oversee the operations of the Tournament Director
• Shall sit as the chair for the Risk Management Committee and shall ensure that BCAHA Risk Management policies and guidelines, as received from time to time, are followed.

1.1.9 Member at Large 2: - Conduct and maintain inventory on pucks, socks, jerseys, Coaching accessories, first aid kits and goalie pads

- Prepare and have ready all equipment for evaluations, co-ordinate with both the Administrator and Division Directors
- Distribute all equipment for the season, pucks, socks, jerseys, Coaching accessories, first aid kits and goalie pads
- Support Coaches and HCSP’s throughout the season with their equipment needs

1.1.11 The Coach Coordinator (Head Coach)

• Shall be responsible for overseeing coach appointment and development. See below for job description.
• Conduct coach evaluations and presentation of results to the Executive by May of each year
• Selection of evaluators by June 30 of each year
• Proposal of potential coaches for rep teams to the Executive by June 30 of each year
• Establish interviews of candidates by the Coach Selection Subcommittees (Junior and Senior Divisions) by June 30 of each year.
• With approval of the Executive, publish the listing of rep team coaches by July 15 of each year.
• Develop and present on-ice training programs for the coaches on an ongoing basis throughout the season.
• Mentor and advise new Coaches throughout the season and be rostered to each team to be able to go on the bench if needed.
• Represent WDMHA coaches on the Executive Committee
• Liaise with BCAHA District Coaching Coordinator regarding coaching clinics
• Meet with association coaches to discuss problems and solutions
• Participate in player evaluations in collaboration with Division Directors at beginning of season
• Co-ordinate meetings of coaches and players with local referee-in-chief or BCAHA Rules Committee Member for better understanding of game rules
• Follow Head Coaches Manual for BCAHA and OMAHA

1.1.12 The Senior Director • Shall in co-operation with the Coach Coordinator be responsible for the selection of coaches and teams for the U13, U15 and U18 Divisions

• Shall facilitate effective communications between the Ice Ambassador, the Equipment Manager, the Junior Director and all the U13, U15 and U18 team coaches and managers
• Shall sit as a member of the Discipline Committee


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