Posted by WMHA Admin. on Sep 15 2021 at 04:56PM PDT

Please understand that this could be subject to change at anytime but the District is working very diligently to ensure we are able to deliver a positive experience for our youth while adhering to the Interior Health guidelines. It is very important to understand that the Interior Health guidelines supersede the PHO and we must make sure we are in line with the stricter of them. We also must note that we are users of the facility, and must abide by the guidelines they require.

As of Sept 15th, we will NOT be requiring proof of vaccine to enter the building but we will be following Interior Health’s contact tracing procedures. All persons will be required to wear a mask, players must wear masks until they put on their helmets.

We will still be at one spectator per player, we have a very strict maximum of 50 persons allowed outside the field of play. All persons involved in the event (Coaches, players, refs, timekeepers) will be marked on the sheet already and do not have to provide info. All spectators will be required to provide their name and phone number to the Facility Ambassadors. We will need Facility Ambassadors for each event, you will hear more from our volunteer Co-ordinator Jennifer Samms regarding that role.

For U11 and up, Coaches, players, and team staff will be allowed in the building 30 minutes prior to their icetime. They are to proceed directly to their dressing room, there will be no persons allowed in the halls at anytime. Coaches and team staff will need to be on hand to tie skates for those who need help while ensuring they are following the “two-deep” rule in the dressing room . (Meaning there must be at least two adults in the dressing room, no single adult is to enter or be in a dressing room alone) One person will be designated to fill water bottles. Spectators will be allowed into the building 5 minutes prior to the event start time and must proceed directly to the stands. At the end of the event, spectators are to leave the building immediately, players will have 15 minutes to remove their skates and be out the doors to facilitate smooth entry for the next group.

For U7 and U9, players and their accompanying can enter the building 30 minutes before start time. Parents are allowed to accompany their player into the dressing room to help get them ready and then must go directly to the stands. At the end of the event, please proceed directly to the dressing room and leave the building as quickly as possible.

Hopefully this is clear for everyone, if you have any questions let me know.


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