Criminal Record Checks`

Posted by WMHA Admin. on Sep 04 2015 at 03:27PM PDT

WDMHA Coaches and Volunteers – Criminal Record Checks
Our association relies heavily upon the tireless dedication of many volunteers.
To help protect our children we require all volunteers to submit a criminal record check at least once every three years.
WDMHA is enrolled with the B.C. Ministry of Justice Criminal Records Review Program (CRRP). The CRRP is an online service that allows us to facilitate criminal record checks efficiently and economically. The CRRP also facilitates the sharing of prior criminal record checks with the consent of the volunteer.

To submit your criminal record check for our association, please follow the following internet link and enter WDMHA’s code: 39SQVNBEZN


If you have any difficulty completing this process, or require a paper application for our association, please contact the WDMHA administration office.

Thank you for your dedication to our association.

WDMHA 2nd Vice President (Risk Management).


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